From Ibiza to the Caribbean Seas in sailboat

From Ibiza to the Caribbean Seas in sailboat

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A Big Jump for a Great 2018

Welcome to a great year! We’re already working in the bright Ibiza island to enjoy an amazing 2018 summer. It’s true that there’s still a couple months to go, but time goes very fast, and for the ones that live in the island it’s the right time to get all our equipment ready: engines and mainsails to give a warm welcome to our friends, tourists and sailors interested in renting a yacht or a sailboat to enjoy this wonderful Mediterranean sea.

And of course we are so very eager for the return of Captain Vicente, who is coming back to Ibiza after a long trip crossing the Atlantic and reaching the Caribbean on a 15 meter sailboat.

We are waiting Captain Vicente’s return to Ibiza after a long travel across the Atlantic

We look forward to welcome him home and tell our followers all about his incredible experiences; even more so knowing how keen our captain was to travel, and knowing first-hand how professionally he prepared for this trip to make the “Big Jump”, looking for the right crew, getting the sailboat on perfect condition and establishing the strategy and logistics of the trip.

We’re already sharing some images that have reached us from the many ports that the sailboat visited, given that communication wasn’t possible in many places. Even though the sailboat is equipped with sophisticated systems of global geolocation, the Atlantic ocean is still an imposing environment where you can’t just use Whatsapp as you would do on land. We will share more images of the ship’s log shortly.

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