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When you have visited Ibiza, it is almost impossible not to have seen this big, amazing, magical, rocky Island. Located at the South West Coast of Ibiza, it is a very popular tourist attraction and it is not difficult to see why.

With more than 400 metres above sea level, Es Vedra is primarily made of limestone and the Island itself is inhabited. It is part of the Cala D’hort nature reserve, which is known for its crystal clear waters and you can find one of the best coves of Ibiza. A great spot to see this magical Island is from Cala D’Hort Beach but why not enjoy the amazing views by boat?

From Ibiza Harbour, it takes approximately an hour and a half to reach Es Vedra. On our way to the magical Island, we’ll make several stops near the beautiful beach of Salinas, where you can take a swim, enjoy a drink and snack, or can participate in some cool watersport activities such as the Seabob, where you can swim like a dolphin with the easiest, safest, fun electrical water craft!

After spent some time in the sun with water activities or just relaxation, we sail towards Es Vedra. While Es Vedra is amazing to see at daytime, it definitely has one of the most beautiful sunsets of Ibiza.The closer you get to the rock, the more you feel the powerful energy. It sometimes even happens that some equipment fails or the compass goes haywire. Some people claim Es Vedra has the third most magnetic spot on earth. Could that explain things? Es Vedra is known for it myths and legends. Some claim to have seen UFO’s flying above it or that it has an underwater UFO base, while other say it is the lost city of Atlantis. Whatever story you want to believe, once you have seen it, it will leave you with a beautiful memory.

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