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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Laughter, new friends, mysterious and super exclusive coves. Swing through long, floating slides from the yacht’s boat deck, immerse yourself in deep, blue waters filled with bubbles and colorful fish.

Laughter, new friends, mysterious and super exclusive coves. Fly flush with the waves of the sea defying the law of gravity and dive into the sea foam.

And you can visit your friends on other yachts to share good times with family and friends, you can enjoy good music and drinks while you go to Es Vedrà.

And you can see that extraordinary and gigantic rock the size of a mountain that rises in the middle of the sea, full of natural pools to bathe in.

At night, illuminated by enchanting lights, you will feel the mystery that emerges from the sea … those are the sirens that according to local legends seduced Ulisses, then you can practice on board your favorite sport, tone your body with the best physical exercise. Are you brave to jump head on from the top deck? There are experiences that you can only live aboard a super yacht sailing around the wonderful coasts of Ibiza and Formentera. Do you want to start enjoying yourself right now? Look at this video!

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