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At Ibiza Top Charter, we like to make it as confortable as possible for our customers, by offering a maintenance service during the low season.

During high season, boats suffer quite a lot because of the many navigation hours, with mechanical matters as well a pollution issues with the hull or propeller; also the interior gets damaged and contaminated.

Our employees work in a professional and very careful manner to revive your boat once again. We are happy to arrange everything for you with regard to maintenance, repairs, boatyard permits, etc..., so that you can hand over everything to us without having to worry. We will ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standard and down to the last detail, and process all this in a single, clear and transparent invoice.

Because we ourselves are sailors and boat owners, we know how important your boat is to you, and we have the right experts who perform their work with the greatest precision.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help you, and can prepare a free estimate for you, without commitment.

Regular yearly services at boat yard:

  • Polish: polish of the freeboard (upper part of the hull) with a glossy finish.

  • Anti-fouling: cleaning of the draft, descaling the seaweed and snail, with a final application of anti-fouling product.

Occasional services at boat yard:

  • Painting: hull, superstructures, interiors and bilge.

  • Electricity / electronic: pumps, sewage tanks, propeller assembly, etc...

Occasional repair services at berth:

  • Electricity / electronics: pumps, sewage tank, air conditioning, propeller assembly, etc...

  • Mechanics: engines revision and reparation, fine tunning, etc...

  • Carpentry: teak deck, platforms, interior floors, extra modules, etc...

  • Upholstery: mats, awnings, carpets, etc...

  • Bespoke arrangements: complete refits, and all kind of modifications on request.

  • Design: interior and exterior restyling, decoration, modern relooking, etc...

  • Deep cleaning: interior and exterior, using qualified products for each area and surface.

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